Semiotic Research

An approach to cultural analysis derived from structural linguistics, involving the study of sign systems and how meaning is made within a culture. It is especially relevant to the analysis of advertising, packaging and other symbolic material relevant to brands.

Trade-off Research

A way to quantify consumer's values associated with different product attributes using multivariate techniques. Participants compare products to establish preferences and can then explain the importance of different attributes. Functional brands benefit more from conjoint analysis than do fashionable brands as the analysis relies on utility theory and consumer rationality. There are several conjoint analysis tools.

Census / Retail Research / In-Store Market Research / Shoppers Study

Retail Market Research provides depth of insight on how consumers interact in retail environments. Through store & street intercepts, shop alongs, ethnographic research and other methods, this research can provide detailed insight to help companies develop effective marketplaces (In-store and PoP displays, Best practices, Behavior, Floor layout, Pain points, Promotional effectiveness, Purchasing habits, Regional differences...)