In Home Use Tests (IHUTs)

Whether referred to as an Home-Usage Test or In-Home User Test, this is a type of market research where products are provided to consumers to use in their homes as they would ordinarily use them. This method differs from one where participants are invited to a central facility to try, and then react to a product in an environment that may simulate a generic home, but is not exactly the same as one’s own.

Customer Loyalty Research

A loyal customer is a satisfied customer. But a satisfied customer may not be loyal. One way to keep customers loyal is to find out what they most like and, more importantly, dislike about your company, its products and services, and then promote the positive aspects while trying to improve upon weaknesses.

Online bulletin and Discussion boards

In this research methodology, participants commit to posting content on the research subject over a set period of time. The content is overseen by a trained moderator who encourages respondents to develop and elaborate on their responses, much like he or she would in a typical qualitative focus group.